A lot to do

For the still young year 2023, I wish you ALL the best, above all health, courage, innovative strength and always the instinct and luck to do the right thing

650 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Übersetzung For this, too, we want to continue and act in a new way and beyond in practiced and expanded interaction. Old and new partners at the Leipzig location and other cooperations have enriched us and our work in the past year. Feasibility, concepts, advice and support; Thinking and directing innovations in administration and business. The playing field is marked out; There is much to do! The major challenges under the umbrella of climatic necessities are not getting any smaller. More civil society courage and discourse between generations and genders and even more entrepreneurial innovative strength are needed.

We all personally had to throw a lot overboard last year – from the 2020 pandemic to the current crises, which at the same time are opportunities – up to the development of completely new structures, tasks that were once wanted, realignments. A lot is happening, new business areas and tried-and-tested handling and expertise are still and even more necessary. Like innovation, transformation has become a buzzword. However, transformation is a process of fundamental change and lasting change, and that too at an unimaginable speed. Capturing the complexity in space and time in analogue and digital working methods requires not only expertise, but also a lot of experience, knowledge of human nature and depth. We can do that in change and implementation management from concept to completion of the process.

But what’s going on in the state?

Our country is really letting its ears hang. Our institutions, from the executive to the judiciary to the political party system, have worn out over decades of success and are in a sluggish state, detached from a lack of quality and independence in terms of personnel. People turn away instead of getting involved, the question of democracy is even asked. Freedom is no longer that of the spirit and of the word, but seems to be defined only by mercantile possibilities. Crisis is managed by distributing money.

469 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Übersetzung Our democracy seems to be getting on in years and is groaning in systemically outdated standards, above all our most important asset – still without sufficient renewables in our own resources – education and training. Promoting excellence alone is not enough, our children and grandchildren must be educated and trained for life in order to be able and willing to think and act and think entrepreneurially in the complexity of global requirements.

Services of general interest such as social and technical infrastructure must be strengthened again as a duty of the executive and the other excessive state regulations reduced to the necessary minimum. We want to continue to contribute to increasing efficiency and structured, sustainable management of projects with our ideas and project management skills as a task force and conceptually accompanying.

Because who, if not us, can continue with a clear view, a trained mind and straight ahead or turn and think and act differently or in a new way? Disruptive is the character of the entrepreneur, because nothing has ever stayed the way it has always been.

For this reason, too, we are also intensively committed to volunteering for the community in new legislatures, also and now – especially now – in our voluntary activities at the Business Association of Saxony and at Haus und Grund.

We take all these challenges very seriously as opportunities, look for them and accept them. This motivates us to continue to be there for you in Leipzig and Berlin – there is a lot to do!