Legally experienced, strategically competent and tailor-made services for business and administration

  • Conception and implementation of formats for citizen participation in advance and as part of public planning
  • Support from investment projects to urban development contracts
  • Project design through interface design within and with the various participants
  • Mediation and moderation before, during and after the project
  • Legally experienced support in the process flow
  • Targeted project management
  • Economic know-how for urban development
  • experienced cooperation network from all disciplines

Our methodology: we have developed from the intersection of expertise, experience and success

  • legal expertise
  • Define and write strategy and script
  • resilient network in administration, business and politics from many years of experience
  • Maintain acceptance and communication
  • develop resilience

  • We quickly grasp the complexity of the matter and can start early and identify what is necessary
  • We structure in good time and involve the RIGHT participants
  • This enables us to optimize and organize processes and implement the project with you
  • We communicate transparently, knowingly and reliably with owners, administration and the public

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