Good climate at Wilhelm – Leuschner – Platz

It is good that the referral to the B – Plan at Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz continued with the important step of the installation decision. A large number of promising projects have been found and are now awaiting the final resolution of the articles of association, which at least in accordance with Section 33 of the BauGB allows the first building applications to be effectively dealt with in fixed area balances. It is important that this central location for urban development is now included in the legal framework. Now the necessary legal participations must be carried out quickly. That is the clearly defined task of the executive.

The outstanding task of this new concentrated knowledge location is now to bundle the interests of all parties defined by law and private law, such as the owners and future leaseholders, the university, the scientific institutions and the economy transparently and on a coordinated and agreed basis, with clever strategic control and foresight . All the more so because the quarter in the heart of the city should become a real climate quarter, which is demanding, but good and right. The interfaces must be analyzed in order to achieve a well-coordinated and well-founded coordination of the strategic control in a smart and joint implementation within a year.

It is expressly to be welcomed that the land should remain the property of the city and that the heritable building right has been chosen. Already on this: real estate as a share – stupid run (