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Urban development is more than space planning!

The joint project of an institute has been conceptually conceived since 2020 due to the pandemic, has been further developed through the year and was launched in 2021. Within the last two years, our institute has established itself as an initiator, consultant, and network driver between the various disciplines such as law, urban development, technology and above all – and we are particularly proud of this – culture in the rapid transformation and we have worked together with various partners project-related, researched, looked, argued, created feasibility, and devised formats. We have achieved a lot together. We are grateful for this and look forward to great teams and joint projects.

The first implementations are now scheduled for 2023. We were particularly concerned about the “state” of culture, the naturalness with which we consume it, the diversity we hardly appreciate, the dependence on subsidies and a completely different view of the economy. Yet culture is the epochal achievement of a society against which it is measured and thus the entire urban development.

In 2021, we launched the project “business meets culture®” with our cultural guide, important partner and – also internationally – ultimately networked and active director Maik Priebe

As a strong man of knowledge and conception, developer, and organizer for foreign and own formats he and his collective had launched a special festival for the 30th anniversary of reunification. Maik Priebe will be acting director at Theater und Orchester GmbH Neubrandenburg / Neustrelitz from the 2023/2024 season.

From the beginning, our friend and actor was as in the second format in the /, which we had supplemented with politics. We have been working on a new event for a long time – volunteering takes time!

We are very pleased that we can find our long-standing business partners, the colleagues Schumacher and Partner/, Düsseldorf/Berlin, with whom we particularly like to find ourselves in projects, especially for the benefit of civil society in digital consulting since the beginning of 2023,

as well as our friends, the patent attorneys and trademark lawyers Kailuweit Patent and utility Law and Trademark, Dresden, Berlin, Bautzen have been able to convince us since 2022 directly to the location here in Leipzig in our office community.

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