Business meets Politics

Enlightening, networking and understanding between the capital and the countries

“Club on Tour” is the format in our Club International, Leipzig, partner club of the Capital Club, Berlin, among others, which lets us entrepreneurs, primarily from owner-managed medium-sized companies, travel in Germany and around the world. After London in 2022 we were together in Berlin. At the request of one of our institute’s founders, René Hobusch, Torsten Herbst, member of the Bundestag and parliamentary manager of the FDP parliamentary group, was also happy to contribute to the dinner speech and the subsequent get-together with other political representatives from the federal government. Those who are not familiar with the federal handling and the processes between the Bundestag and Bundesrat, like our team in interface management, were amazed to learn and to understand the discourse better.

Unfortunately, the term lobbying is worn out and corrupted. But what happens if the different professional groups do not talk to each other in order to understand and stimulate each other’s actions? Then comes the next corrupted notion of fission. In the meantime, lobbying has only had negative connotations, which according to all reports is understandable and understandable.

In the best sense, a good service provider – nothing else is the commissioned lobbyist – places important information with the right recipient without influencing him or her. Naive? Maybe yes, but that has to be the claim. But there is another important moment, that is network maintenance; of the people who are absolutely necessary for the enormous tasks in our civil society in the many innumerable projects. The MdB – the member of the Bundestag like the MdL, the member of the state parliament and the municipal representative, not the legislature, but the statute giver and thus belongs to the executive. The decision-maker in the executive branch of the federal, state, and local governments, as well as all groups in society, be they entrepreneurs or employees in the areas of social, technical, nutrition, health, and culture, must embed their decisions in the consensual social discourse, otherwise they will fail .

Let’s talk more about it, soon again in person and gladly with your comments! We are looking forward to it!